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Necrotic Disgorgement

New disturbing artwork for Necrotic Disgorgement, Ohio (USA) for the album ‘Documentaries of Dementia’. Necrotic Disgorgement welcomes the inevitable apocalypse with their highly anticipated second full length release out on June 25th via Comatose Music. The wait is over, consider this your warning and prepare for the carnage…

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Necrotic_Disgorgement_COVER Necrotic_Disgorgement_PAG_12_01 Necrotic_Disgorgement_PAG_02_03 Necrotic_Disgorgement_PAG_04_05 Necrotic_Disgorgement_PAG_06_07 Necrotic_Disgorgement_PAG_08_09 Necrotic_Disgorgement_PAG_10_11 Necrotic_Disgorgement_tray_card Necrotic_Disgorgement_ outside traycard CD_DVDTemplate Necrotic_Disgorgement_detail_1 Necrotic_Disgorgement_detail_2

  • May 13th 2013

Cover Artwork + CD Packaging Design

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