ADE (Ita)
Altarage (Spa)
Atman (Spa)
Avulsed (Spa)
Aura Noctis (Spa)
Banished From Inferno (Spa)
Benighted (Fra)
Braincasket (NL)
Brainwash (Spa)
Caberman (UK)
Cerebric Turmoil (Ger)
Castrensis (Den)
Coffins (Jap)
Colosso (Por)
Comrades (Ita)
Corpore Insepulto (Spa)
Cryogenocide (Fin)
Cuernos de Chivo (Spa)
Cumbeast (USA)
Deadbreath (Spa)
Deathsurrection (Spa)
Decimation (Tur)
Delirium (USA)
Deteriorot (USA)
Disarmed (Spa)
Disgorge (Mex)
Disgraseed (Fra)
Disseverment (USA)
Doppler (Spa)
Dying (Spa)
Ekkaia (Spa)
Embryonic Devourment (USA)
Excruciate (Au)
Execration (USA)
Famishgod (Spa)
Female Nose Breaker (Swi)
Frequency (Spa)
Frozen Ocean (Rus)
Funebre (Fin)
Funeral Sun (Spa)
G-noma (Spa)
Genotype (USA)
Gloria Morti (Fin)
Godüs (Spa)
Golgota (Spa)
Gorelaw (Rus)
Gorevent (Jap)
Gutted Mind (Rus)
Guttural Secrete (USA)
Hashassin (Spa)
Human Mincer (Spa)
Hydra Kyll (USA)
IHate (USA)
Ildur (Spa)
Immoralist (Ger)
Impure (Spa)
Infected Chaos (Aut)
Infernal (Col)
Infested (Ger)
Inhuman (CR)
Inhale the Bloodmist (Ger)
Inhuman Deformity (Swe)
Insidious Torture (Au)
Irate Architect (Ger)
Irredemption (Spa)
Katalepsy (Rus)
Kronos (Fra)
Korpse (NL)
Lifelost (Spa)
Looking for an Answer (Spa)
Manic Demise (USA)
Mortician (USA)
Mortify (Can)
Moñigo (Spa)
Move The Moon (Rus)
Necrotic Disgorgement (USA)
Nemecic (Fin)
Nüll (Spa)
Over Your Threshold (Ger)
Pathology (USA)
Perverse Dependence (Rus)
Phlgz (Spa)
Reinfection (Pol)
Resection (Ger)
Revenant (USA)
Rex Devx (Spa)
Sutured Esophagus (USA)
Terroristars (Spa)
The Downspiral to Hell (Spa)
The Genocide Architect (USA)
The Sickening (Nor)
The Unborn Dead (Can)
The YTriple Corporation (Spa)
Tibosity (Spa)
Time of Hate (Spa)
Tools of Torture (Ita)
Truculency (USA)
Unsane Crisis (Spa)
Unfathomable Ruination (UK)
Umbah (UK)
Unwom (Spa)
Vidres a la Sang (Spa)
Visceral Damage (Spa)
Vladek (Spa)
Vomit Remnants (Jap)
Yarast (Ita)
Wallet Inspector (Au)
Whoretopsy (Au)
Wormed (Spa)
Wrong (Spa)


Alarma Recs (Mex)
American Line Prod. (Mex)
Amputated Vein Records (Jap)
Beneath the Fog Productions (USA)
Brutal Bands (USA)
Doomed by Dawn Recs (USA)
Gigawatt Music (Rus)
Goregiastic Records (USA)
Goresick Recs (Spa)
Grotesque Prod. (Spa)
Incursion Records (Ger)
Living Dead Society (Spa)
Metal Blade Records (USA)
Macabre Mementos Recs. (Jap)
Osmose Productions (Fra)
Pathologically Explicit Recs. (Spa)
Permeated Records (Ita)
Prosthetic Records (USA)
Satanath Records (Rus)
Season of Mist (Fra)
Relapse Records (USA)
Sevared Records (USA)
Soul Flesh Collector (Rus)
Torture Music Records (Ger)
Under the Knife (Spa)
Unique Leader Records (USA)
Voices Of The Void (USA)
Willowtip (USA)
Xtreem Music (Spa)


Corpsehustler Skateboards (USA)
Ballet Deviare (USA)
Laura Diamond (Spa)
Pitchline-Zine (Spa)
Sanan Metal Day (Spa)
Metal Extremo: El Libro (Spa)